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Employee Development

Our success is driven by our strong career development programs, expanded opportunities and unmatched construction resources. The culture of the company is a product of our core values: honesty, integrity, teamwork and a commitment to excellence. These principals guide our operations and establish Kokosing as a benchmark for the construction industry.


We offer extensive education, training and leadership development for our team members. At Kokosing, you will be presented with defined opportunities to build your skill set in your current role and to enhance your experience and leadership capabilities for future opportunities. Kokosing’s customized development programs include structured education programs, individual development dialogues with management and on-the-job learning opportunities.


Kokosing values its employees and the expertise they bring to Kokosing. The company recognizes that it takes specialized skills to perform certain aspects of the work. Kokosing supports the development of its people and encourages employees to enhance their skills through professional licenses and certifications.


Kokosing career growth is enhanced by our unique mentoring programs. Mentors will help familiarize you with Kokosing’s work processes and culture. This dedicated approach to your development will provide you a competitive edge and will provide room for individual growth.


“The success of any company is people, if you don’t have quality people you don’t have quality work.”
–Wm. Bill Burgett, Founder”