Who We Are


Kokosing’s founder, William “Bill” Burgett was a farm boy with humble beginnings – a visionary and a man of courage and integrity. Bill was bestowed with God-given talent, aspirations and innate knowledge of how to build things with his hands.  It was in 1951 in the small town of Fredericktown, where two men, Bill Burgett and Lester Rinehart started turning work into jobs so they could feed their families. In the early days, odd jobs included building and remodeling houses, barns, churches, schools, a milk house and several small commercial projects.

Guided by Christian values, Bill was supported by friends, mentors, family and the people who worked for the company. The second and third generations of Bill’s family have inherited his tenacity for perfection, integrity and the same Christian values that are the foundation of the company. They have prepared themselves through education and learned well from their father and grandfather who has been their mentor and role model. Today, Kokosing has a workforce that provides jobs to nearly 3,800 people and completes $1.5 billion in annual revenue.

Corman was originally founded in 1920 as Corson & Gruman Co., a family-owned asphalt contractor in Washington, DC.  In 1970, Corman Construction, Inc. was created as a utility contractor to Corson & Gruman Co. and in the 1980’s Corman Construction branched out into the heavy civil road and bridge markets eventually phasing out Corson & Gruman Co.

Today: In February 2018, Corman Construction and Corman Marine Construction joined the Kokosing family of companies reorganizing as one company: Corman Kokosing Construction Company. Corman Kokosing Construction Company is one of the largest heavy contractors in the mid-Atlantic region and has amassed a century worth of experience as an industry leader specializing in highway, bridge, sewer, water, underground, tunnel, marine and dredging work.